Hello. My name is Erin Gipford, and this is Tina Gipford—my friend, stepmother to my children, and co-author. We’re just two “normal” moms from a small town in Wisconsin who, like so many others, found ourselves in the often-complicated and hardly-ever-fun position of “co-parenting.” And if that wasn’t hard enough, we decided to write a book about it—together!

Why, you might ask, did we decide to do this together? I know, I know. We are probably supposed to hate each other, exude extremely jealous behaviors, and draw devil horns and mustaches in permanent marker whenever we see a photo of each other, but that’s simply not our style. And we’re kinda sorta super proud that it isn’t our style.

In all reality, Tina and I are very different people on so many levels. She’s a dog person, I’m not. I enjoy wine, she’s allergic to alcohol. She likes to plan and organize, I am lucky if I know where my teenagers are at any given moment.  Thank God, hallelujah, praise Jesus! We both stand on solid, common ground when it comes to the only subject that really mattered throughout this whole journey, and that is, how to co-parent.


Entrepreneur, co-parent, photographer, graphic designer, eternal optimist, and goal-driven are probably, as Google would say, the keywords that best describe me. And I am proud of every single one!

I live in the same small, rural town in west central Wisconsin that I grew up in (No, my kitchen is not decorated with holstein cow decor, despite what you may think). I love that I was able to raise my kids here, somewhat tucked away from the harsh realities of the big, “real” world. And I have every intention of exploring said world in a few years, once they have flown from the nest.

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Hello, My name is Tina and as Erin said I am the stepmom, wife to her ex-husband, and co author of this book.

I currently reside in a little town in Wisconsin, where I have lived since August of 2006. I never thought I would call a place like this “home.” I am originally from Minnesota and as a child, my parents moved around a lot. So I never really had a place or town I could call home. I can honestly say I have that now. I think this is what has helped mold me into the mom I am today.

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….but what does the husband think?


What do I think about my wife and ex-wife writing a book together?”

Well my honest answer to that seemingly simple question is “Huh, I guess I never really thought anything of it.” I know our co-parenting relationship is unique and there are not very many families doing what we do. In my opinion, this is why I believe that what we have is so unique. Having my wife, Tina, and ex-wife, Erin, write a book together may seem really odd, unbelievable, and most likely not possible, for most individuals. But it is possible, believable, and not odd at all knowing these two women. Tina and Erin have had a great relationship being moms to the kids right from the start. All three of us have been on the same page when it comes to co-parenting. Even when these two may not have seen eye to eye on certain beliefs, we all worked together to make sure the best interest of the kids were put first which is the ultimate goal for all three of us. Not a day goes by that I don’t know how lucky I am to have these two women by my side being Mom and step mom to our kids. So no, it doesn’t surprise me that they want to write a book about it! I hope you enjoy the book and really see the passion they have for co-parenting and being the best examples they can be for all the kids. Not just now but also when the grandkids start arriving!

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