I have always known that my faith is stronger than any fear that can arise inside of me. This is because time and time again, I successfully achieved my goals in life by consciously choosing to have faith versus giving into my fears. And let me tell you, I have bitten off some enormous sized goals in my day and, like always, things just seem to fall into place. I have now come to realize it is all because my faith is stronger than my fear and God, along with his divine laws of his universe recognizes it within me and always rises to the occasion.

About a week ago I received an email in my freelancing (work) inbox from someone whom I didn’t recognize. I assumed he was online, looking for a graphic designer, found my website and decided to reach out. He simply asked if logo design was a service I provided. I responded back to him right away with a simple, “I sure do!”. I deleted his email and never gave it another thought.

A few days passed and I found myself on a phone call speaking with a potential content editor for the book that I am in the process of writing. We chatted about the book and she explained how the editing process would work. Even though this was the first editor I had spoken to, I had a really good feeling about it and I was pretty certain I was going to hire them. I always go with my gut feeling and my gut was feeling happy about this particular company. As we wrapped up our conversation she proceeded to explain that in order to start the editing process they require a 50% deposit of the total cost which worked out to be $2,000.

I hung up the phone and I started brainstorming ways to come up with the $2,000. I had no idea how I was going to swing this because it would have involved cleaning out my emergency fund and my Christmas gift fund which I was NOT excited about doing. Instead, I decided to cast my worries onto Him, throw it out there into the universe, start praying and again, let my faith be stronger than my fear.

Over the following few days I remember sharing my struggle with a few family members and close friends that I had spent time with, in hopes that the more I talked about it the more clear the solution would become. One of my friends even offered to loan me $2000 but I hated the thought of borrowing money and since I knew that I still had 3 weeks left before I HAD to hire the editor, I graciously declined the loan offer. It just didn’t feel right. I had faith that something would transpire that would feel right.

I drove home after spending the afternoon with my friends, sat down on my bed, ready to relax for the evening when I heard my phone ding. I had a new email in my work in box. I recognized the name this time, it was the gentleman that had emailed me a week ago regarding logo design. I thought it was strange that it had been a week since I replied to his email so I was interested to see what his response was. I quickly opened the message and couldn’t believe what I was reading. I have copied and pasted the email below:

“Okay good I want you to know that this is the first time I will be doing a Logo design so I can only give you details then you can decide on colors and designs but I want a very mature and presentable design and my budget for this design is $2000.”

My jaw dropped, my eyes got really big and my heart started racing. All I could see was the $2000 I needed staring me right in the face! I couldn’t believe it. There it was. A very possible solution to a the hurdle in my current journey. I knew it! I knew that something would come along.

I knew that if this book was meant to be that any road bump I might encounter would be just that, a bump. These types of things have happened so many times in my life I could probably write another book just about my faith and what it’s brought me. Every time something like this happens my faith deepens and my fears weaken. I now know, without a doubt, that when I am following and aligned with where God wants me to go, he will be there to open the necessary doors in order to succeed. I can’t even make this stuff up. It’s beyond human comprehension because that’s just how He works. He wants us to listen to the nudges, push through our fears knowing that He’s got our backs.

Trust in Him my friends. I cannot tell you enough how powerful faith can be when aligned with your life’s purpose. Be open to it, ask for it and, most importantly, believe that you deserve it. That is how faith conquers fear!

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